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5 Technology Trends That Have Revolutionized the Real Estate Industry

  • Published On 19-Sep-2022
5 Technology Trends That Have Revolutionized the Real Estate Industry

5 Technology Trends That Have Revolutionized the Real Estate Industry

Thanks to cutting-edge innovations, buying and selling homes has never been easier, faster, or more efficient.

Here are the top 5 technological trends that have revolutionized the real estate industry in Pakistan.

Drone Photography:

National Association of Realtors, a Chicago-based trade group, describes drone-generated pictures and videos as "an incredible tool" for home buyers. Through the aerial view of the properties, the viewers can critically evaluate the property as they get clear shots of all the features.

Drone technology has proved effective, particularly for estate properties. Certain outdoor characteristics such as neighborhood, sports courts, swimming pools, and mountain or lake views are also portrayed more clearly in this way.

For buyers moving to a new city, seeking to invest in or purchase a vacation property in another town, or looking for ways to streamline their home-buying experience, drone photography is also a great benefit. Buyers can better visualize the property and what's nearby when they see the bigger picture. The preview offered by drone photography may make a physical trip more efficient if necessary.

The use of drones is important to sellers as well. Using aerial photographs can increase a home's appeal and potentially its price-when traditional exterior or interior photographs might not adequately portray it.

Purchasing and Selling Properties Through Online Platforms:

Home buyers and sellers can also benefit from artificial intelligence (AI). In the case of homes for sale, buyers generally research them on websites that provide data and images based on their square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other physical characteristics.

Home/ Site Tour With 3D Technology:

Until recently, you could only see two-dimensional pictures of for-sale homes online via slideshows or videos. But now these images are available in 3D as well. The Internet or inexpensive VR viewers such as Google's Cardboard can be used to view 3D virtual reality tours of homes for sale. With these devices, you can create the feeling of standing next to, say, a granite countertop made to your specifications.

There is more to VR home tours than 3D models. Virtual reality can be almost as real as being physically present in a space as it involves high-resolution visualizations. In addition to looking up and down, zooming in and out, rotating around, climbing stairs, and walking from room to room, users can also look everywhere.

Under-construction homes can even be seen as if they were completed virtually.

Furnishing a Home With Augmented Reality:

Unlike virtual reality, where you can see everything, augmented reality lets you add to what is already there. With AR you can add furniture virtually to a home before even making a purchase for it. You can add and swap different furniture and decorative items and sort out your home décor themes without any hustle.

Digital Transaction Services:

While almost all the banks in Pakistan have facilitated transaction services through numerous platforms such as ATMs, mobile apps, and online banking, transaction methods have been globally revolutionized. Many international firms are also facilitating real estate transactions through cryptocurrencies too.

Hence, along with all other industries, the real estate industry has also been revolutionized by technology as certain innovations have been made in the industry by it. Now you can enjoy investing in real estate from the comfort of your home through these technologies.