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Tips For a Smooth Sale of Your House

  • Published On 03-Sep-2022
Tips For a Smooth Sale of Your House

                                             Tips For a Smooth Sale of Your House

Selling your home is quite a complex phenomenon just like buying a home. The learning curve for selling your house can be much steeper just like that for buying a home.

Here are a few simple steps through which you can break down the whole process of home selling.

Plan How to Sell Your Home:

Determining the home selling method affects every other part of your home selling strategy. With the advent of digital platforms to get your home listed and sell it, you can opt on whether you want to avail of the services of any real estate agent or not.

While planning, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of every option available to you.

Determine Your Asking Price:

While determining the asking price of your home, you must keep it real by maintaining a balance between your expectations and the market rates. It is important to price your home properly as inappropriate pricing may cause a delay in the sale of your home.

The best way to estimate your house’s price is to compare it with recently sold homes or comps. You might not be able to find an exact comp as that of your house, hence you along with your agent will have to make adjustments.

Prepare Your Home For Sale:

The curb appeal and general condition of your home help you to receive more offers. Decluttering your home can give it a much cleaner and more spacious appearance for your customers.  

You must try to make your home as much neutral as possible. Avoid using funky accessories and overpowering colors. A neutral outlook gives your customers a quick idea of how they can decorate the home soon after moving to it.

Similarly, make sure that your home is well maintained so you don’t have to worry about anything extra during the hectic home buying and selling process.

Market and List Your Home:

Listing your home in the market through digital platforms such as requires a lot of expertise and that is why we suggest you hire a real estate agent.

A real estate agent will help you connect with numerous potential buyers by filtering them out. In addition to that, from coordinating professional photographs to suggesting certain home renovations, a real estate agent will be at your service.

Review Offers and Negotiate:

There are certain things that you need to consider before accepting any offer. These things include;

  • Closing cost
  • Seller concession
  • Cash vs financing
  • Buyer’s contingency
  • Timeline

After considering all the offers, you can either directly close the most potential deal offered or can negotiate with the potential buyers.

Accept Offer and Close the Deal:

As soon as the offer is accepted, your home comes off the market and the buyer is entitled to do due diligence to inspect the home.

The last step of your home selling process constitutes signing your titles and escrow documents. With the signing of documents, your home selling process will get completed.