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Where to Buy Plots in Islamabad Under 15 Lacs?

  • Published On 02-Sep-2022
Where to Buy Plots in Islamabad Under 15 Lacs?

            Where to Buy Plots in Islamabad Under 15 Lacs?

Real Estate is one of the most promising industries in Pakistan. It does not require any type of physical effort and despite numerous factors such as inflation and economic crisis, the value of real estate appreciates over time.

In addition to all the lucrative benefits of real estate, another primary reason for investing in real estate is a search for better opportunities. People mostly move to bigger cities such as Islamabad for educational purposes and better job opportunities.

Islamabad is the most highlighted locale in this regard and people mostly strive to make a reasonable investment in the city. We are here with a list of famous and affordable housing projects in Islamabad where you can buy plots for one million.

But before we go ahead, here is a list of factors that you need to evaluate before investing in any project as the meager reason of it being economical is not enough.

  • Project Location
  • Legal Status
  • Background
  • Development Status
  • Resale Value
  • Amenities

As most of the plots in this range are mostly offered by newly launched housing projects, so you need to be very careful and highly informed before making any decision. Here are the top 3 housing projects where you can buy plots under 15 lacs.


Islamabad Corporative Housing Society is one of the most affordable housing projects in Islamabad where you can buy a plot within the range of one million rupees. Located near New Islamabad International Airport, it is a registered housing project and falls within the vicinity of Tehsil Fateh Jhang.

The only drawback of the locale is that it lacks proper access. However, this issue will also be resolved soon after the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road and its price can go up by 2 to 3 times.

Blue World City Islamabad:

If you have long-term investment goals, then Blue World City Islamabad is the best choice for you. Situated on main Chakri Road, this project has a very high standard of development. The pace of developmental work is also very fast and this project is designed to be developed as a tourist destination.

Multiple recreational and tourism amenities will be provided over here which makes it a highly remarkable choice for investment.

Avalon City Islamabad:

Avalon City Islamabad is one of the recently launched housing projects in Islamabad. It is also located on Chakri Road right next to Blue World City Islamabad.

What sets this project apart from the rest is that it offers you smart homes and tech-enabled living thus offering you an advanced lifestyle.

Soon after its soft launch, the project made astonishing progress and advancement. You can own a plot in Avalon City Islamabad for a maximum amount of 135,0000 while the booking and confirmation charges are 10% only.

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