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How to select the best sales partner for a housing society in Pakistan?

  • Published On 24/01/2022

Who are sales partners?

Sales partners are two or more businesses that are in a contract that is used to define what the responsibilities of the company are and the terms and conditions for the sales of real estate. It also lists the profit and loss distribution for each partner, as well as what the rules are about the partnership in general.

Role of Sales Partners: 

Partners provide many benefits to vendors, from broad geographic coverage to deep industry knowledge, from integration capabilities to customer service and support, and from local intimacy to trusted advisor.   


What qualities to look for in a sales partner?

  • Check their past record:

First and foremost, when a real estate business or an individual is about to select a sales partner to work with or buy property from, they must make sure that it is a legit company with a trackable past record of transparent sales. 

  • Efficient client service: 

Ensure that the sales partner is well-reputed for their client services and they deliver what they promise. 

  • License verification:

Another way to check the legitimacy of a sales partner is to see if they are licensed and registered as a company officially. 

  • Customer Care:

They give honest information and the best market rates thus it makes them trustworthy.

  • Reliability: 

Efficient communication skills, quick response to emails, scheduled meetings and phone calls on time, and availability of customer representatives depict a good sales partner. 


  • Knowledge of the product: Experience in the sales field, strong knowledge of market rates, and the products being sold are essential qualities of good sales partners. 

  • Organization: 

Well-structured organization and well-versed teammates who are great at teamwork lead to a great quality of services. 

  • Improvisation:

It is key when it comes to selling a product/service. This skill is tied up to communication, negotiation, and adaptability. 

BME Your trusted Sales Partner:

  • Beau Monde Estates is one of the top choices in Islamabad to choose as a sales partner as they provide comprehensive and integrated real estate investment advisory, and progress the experience of buying and selling real estate, by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and integrity. BME checks all the qualities of a good sales partner.


Achievements of BME which depict that they are the best sales partners:

  • BME took part in the Star marketing Dubai Expo and managed to close several remarkable deals.

  • BME is the official Sales Partner with the housing society Park View City, and they take great honor to be the top sellers for Park View City as well. 

  • Efficient and helpful sales representatives are present at BME offices.

  • BME is a licensed company that has fully functional offices and head offices that are operating at full capacity.

  • BME provides the best rates and honest advice. Their representatives empathize with the clients. 

  • BME is going international this year. 

  • BME just recently completed its own legitimate and successful project called ‘BME Panorama’. 

  • BME is a sponsor of many key events of the city including Islamabad Taste.



Chief Executive Officer at Beau Monde Estates BME:


Mr. Wahaaj Nauman, a professionally qualified and result-oriented deal-maker, having a handsome experience in building and managing portfolios originating from various sectors, such as trading, contracting, real estate, health care, education, media, distribution, manufacturing, retail and service-focused enterprises.

His area of expertise include optimization of cross-sell potential, sourcing of hygienic, compliant and remunerative lending/saving/protection propositions, facility structuring and tailoring in sync with business requirements, adequate collaboration of exposure, and effective commercial negotiations leading to faster deal closures.

Thus with the guidance of such a qualified and experienced CEO and an efficient team structure, it is safe to say that BME is the top choice as a sales partner!