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Top Apartments in Islamabad

  • Published On 15/04/2022

The capital city of Pakistan is one of the most serene in the world, and the city is well known for its physical surroundings, business activism, and luxury lifestyle. Furthermore, Islamabad was one of the major cities that were designed. In light of these changes, Islamabad is an ideal place to live and work due to its symbiotic relationship with these environmental factors. In Islamabad, population growth has been significant in recent decades, possibly due to rapid urbanization.

Islamabad’s population has multiplied in recent years due primarily to urban sprawl. People from neighboring communities relocated to the central city in search of improved living standards. Consequently, more real estate was developed in the significant town. As a result, the overall cost of land and housing skyrocketed. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for individuals to own a home.

Additionally, Islamabad was one of the planned cities. As a result of these factors, Islamabad is the ideal place to live. The best apartment buildings in Islamabad worth living for are listed down.

1. BME Panorama:

BME Panorama

BME Panorama is a high-quality residential project that offers a lavish lifestyle with a mesmerizing view of three mountainous ranges; Margalla Hills, Kahuta Hills, and Murree Hills. BME Panorama is located near the entrance and the Bahira Enclave's Zoo. Surrounded by a natural landscape of mountains, the project is surrounded by abundant natural beauty. The CDA-approved BME Panorama has been meticulously designed and is now 100 percent ready to liven up your life. They are exceedingly well-constructed and blended beautifully with their natural surroundings to provide comfort to both Pakistani and overseas nationals.

With airy and spacious 1 and 2-bedroom apartments available on 50% downpayment, Bahria Enclave Heights offers opulent living. Designed for a modernized city lifestyle, these residential units are spacious and airy.

2. Zarkoon Heights:

Zarkoon Heights

The concept of Zarkoon Heights is based entirely on the Egyptian geometrical patterns. It is primarily composed of apartment buildings, and it is a major undertaking in Islamabad’s stunningly gorgeous hilly terrain. In the rich suburbs, it is a civilized society that provides all the modern conveniences well-planned.

Zarkoon Heightsis at the main entrance to Islamabad’s area G-15. Zarkoon Heights offers luxury apartments with modern amenities located in a gated community. At the moment, this well-designed project offers 900 generously proportioned apartments. Apart from necessities, these apartments’ balconies provide spectacular views.

The reservation method involves 15 percent point’s money for a down payment plus six monthly or quarterly payments.Zarkoon Heights is a one-of-a-kind residential apartment development, and its design is like an Egyptian geometrical motif. Intending to provide all amenities, it is a well-planned community in the suburbs. The development of this project is by Kohistan Builders & Developers, Zarkon International, and ZH Group. Additionally, Kohistan Builders & Developers is developing eighteen properties.

Apartments are available in four distinct layouts: one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom. Bookings begin with a 15% down payment and six quarterly instalments. Zarkoon Heights is one of the best Apartment Buildings in Islamabad worth living for.

3. Sukh Chayn:

Sukh Chayn

Sukh Chayn residence is a product of ongoing research and development in understanding the usual problems faced in apartment buildings hence eliminating its cause. Sukh Chayn residence is designed to provide ample sunlight and air circulation.

A single-family residential development, Sukha Chayn Residence consists of 103 single-family homes. They created this luxurious development for the highest end of the market, and it is a symbol of refinement and luxury. The result of this project is by Sukh Chayn Valley (Pvt) Limited, and it has also completed a multipurpose project in Lahore. Sukh Chayn is the second-best Apartment Building in Islamabad worth living for.

This location is suitable for investment purposes because sector F-10 is home to Sukh Chayn. 
Each apartment is oriented to take advantage of abundant natural light and  ventilation. It is full of modern amenities such as an earthquake-resistant building, supermarkets, coffee shops, a pool, advanced elevations, and central air conditioning. 
15% of the total will be paid as a down payment, while they will pay the other 75% in 11 quarterly installments.

4. Capital Icon:

Capital Icon

Capital Icon is a purely residential apartment development in Islamabad’s neighborhood. Due to its spacious and airy setting, this hotel is unique compared to others. The intention is to provide dream living at an affordable price, and Curveston Constructions created this marvel. Capital Icon Mall & Residency is an Iconic Project by Curvestone Builders. This developer is currently working on several projects, and it aspires to be the town’s leading construction enterprise.

It is directly across the street from the Pak Public Works Housing Scheme that the Islamabad Expressway runs. We are offering you a crystal clear futurein the form of super luxurious and lavish apartments.It offers 1, 2, and 3-bedroom flats, and individuals are more to it due to its ideal location and sophisticated amenities. Additionally, rooftop restaurants, pools, gyms, penthouses, and other modern amenities contribute to its popularity.

Bookings begin at 10%, and the balance is payable in 14 quarterly payments.

5. Islamabad Mall by Bahria Town:

Islamabad Mall

Islamabad Mall is in the city's economic heart, on Main Jinnah Avenue-Blue Area. Veteran investors believe this is the best alternative. It is in Jinnah Super Market, adjacent to Saudi Pak Towers and the Pakistan Stock Exchange, with easy access from Nazim-Ud-Din Road. Due to its strategic location, it is experiencing strong market growth.

The Mall of Islamabad is a massive development in the capital center, and it is a mixed-use development seeking to perpetuate the Mall of Lahore's enduring legacy. The project's tagline, "An Ultimate Business Address," emphasizes the project's lofty ambitions. Bahria Town, Asia's largest private real estate developer, is developing this property. In short, Bahria Town transformed Pakistan's real estate business in every way by providing international-standard projects.

The Mall of Islamabad offers luxurious apartments with one, two, and three bedrooms. Bahria Town is well-known for its rich and abundant developments. Similarly, this one will be one of the suburb's most impressive skyline residential units. They are featured in retail establishments, supermarkets, food courts, play areas for children, and corporate headquarters. Four floors have been set aside for parking to accommodate visitors' vehicles.

Development work is proceeding at a breakneck pace, while they did not disclose an official completion date. Mall of Islamabad is one of the best Apartment Buildings in Islamabad worth living for.